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What should I know about Mini Dental Implants (MDIs)?

If you are missing a tooth, you may be aware of the various reasons why it is advisable for you to get the space filled. Our mouths are designed to hold a full set of teeth, and when one is absent, it can not only have a cosmetic but a structural impact. When there is a gap in your smile, your othe... READ MORE

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Root Canal FAQ

When the soft tissue inside your teeth, known as the pulp, is affected by inflammation or infection, it can cause pain and sensitivity. You may find that your dentist recommends root canal therapy, or endodontic treatment.  In terms of dental treatments, a root canal is one of the more well-... READ MORE

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Minimising dental anxiety in children

Our children's bodies go through an immeasurable amount of physical development throughout their early years, changing and maturing in ways that often leave parents scrambling to keep up.  Parents play an active role in shaping their children's perceptions of the world around them, with... READ MORE

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Which teeth whitening treatment is right for me?

If your teeth have been stained or discoloured by food, wine, coffee, ageing or smoking, a professional in-chair whitening treatment can provide a convenient, personalised solution to brighten the appearance of your teeth. As mentioned, an in-chair whitening procedure is performed by a qualified ... READ MORE

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How can I prepare for an unexpected dental emergency?

While we would prefer not to think about it, a dental accident could occur at any time and in any place. In Australia, we are fortunate to have access to emergency services to treat any matter of injuries or mishaps, but when it comes to managing a dental emergency, not all of us are too sure how ... READ MORE

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Invisalign: How does it work?

When you mention the words 'dental braces' it probably conjures up images of glinting silver metal brackets, with rubber bands and the like coaxing your teeth into a better position. While traditional braces serve a purpose for correcting seriously crooked or misaligned teeth, it's not necessarily t... READ MORE

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How the 2015 Federal Budget could affect your child's dental care

With the announcement of the 2015 Australian Federal Budget, much information has been released with far reaching implications across both the public and private sectors, affecting businesses and individuals alike.  Though there were several snippets of good news to come out of the budget... READ MORE

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Claiming tax deductions on dental expenses

There is nothing more important than the health of you and your family. However for many, a high standard of dental care can often represent significant financial investment. Fortunately, in addition to the incentives on offer by a number of DCN dentists, you may also be eligible to claim back some ... READ MORE

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Orthodontics for beginners

So you know about dental treatments such as fillings, crowns and root canals, but are you familiar with what is involved with orthodontic dental treatment? If you are, you may associate orthodontics with children and metal braces, when in fact, orthodontics can be beneficial for both the y... READ MORE

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What makes holistic dentistry different to regular dentistry?

When it comes to dentistry, holistic practices can offer an alternative to traditional dentistry methods. But what's the difference between a regular dentist and a holistic dentist?  How was holistic dentistry established? Modern dentistry focuses on the relationship between stratified ... READ MORE

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