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Do cosmetic injectables have a role in dentistry?

Cosmetic injectables have been use commonly in cosmetic surgery for just over two decades. Cosmetic injectables refer to a variety of products that are introduced subcutaneously/intramuscularly with the primary purpose of producing a cosmetic improvement. As such they can include muscle relaxers, nu... READ MORE

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All you need to know about orthodontics for children

Orthodontics is the branch of dentistry concerned with the placement and alignment of the teeth and jaw. Orthodontists, who receive several years' additional training to dentists, most commonly use braces to correct problems associated with improper bite (occlusion) and incorrect ... READ MORE


The process of orthodontics for teenagers explained

Everybody's face, jaws, mouth and teeth are structured differently and will grow in different ways as people lose their initial teeth and develop their adult smiles. Orthodontics is concerned with this growth process and ensuring the development of an even smile. Orthodontists typically wor... READ MORE


Orthodontics for adults: What you need to know

Orthodontics is the field of dentistry that specialises in the alignment of teeth in relation to the structure of the face. Orthodontic treatment is required to correct malloclusions, which cause irregular tooth alignment and improper bite. Orthodontics also deals with dysfunctional jaw positioning ... READ MORE


3 ways to eat healthily over Christmas and New Years

Christmas time is here and New Year's is just around the corner, which means you and your family are probably gathering together for the occasion. Unfortunately, such festivities are often accompanied by teeth-wrecking sweets, acidic cocktails and beverages, and all manner of unhealthy foods. As you... READ MORE

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Why your company needs to take teeth seriously

Teeth are a serious business. Often, our dental and oral health takes a backseat to other health care concerns, which is unfortunate. In the last century, strides have been made across developed countries to improve access to dental and orthodontic care, and the results are impressive. Today, we in ... READ MORE

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Why is it important for kids to see a dentist?

Children require very specific dental care. If you're a parent, you are probably already familiar with the unique challenges children face in terms of oral health. Taking your child to a dentist is an important routine that will help them learn good oral hygiene habits and help them keep their teeth... READ MORE

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Does your workplace encourage good oral hygiene?

Oral and dental care is a serious aspect of overall health and well-being. Many business owners and managers take their employees' physical health into account on a regular basis - the recent increases in standing desk, anti-obesity programmes and fitness incentives in the workplace is proof of this... READ MORE

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General and preventative dentistry

There are many different types of dentistry, each with its own purpose for your oral health. General and preventative dentistry are the core components of a comprehensive dental health routine. Why? Because they can help you maintain a healthy mouth and set of teeth, and can pinpoint any potential p... READ MORE


Which braces type is right for you?

If your orthodontist has recommended braces, it could be for a number of reasons. Crooked teeth and problems with bite are two of the probable reasons for getting braces, but these factors can influence a number of other aspects of dental health, including plaque build-up, inability to clean between... READ MORE

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