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Should you try an at-home teeth whitening system?

Many of us would pay top-dollar for a mouth full of brightly coloured pearly whites. Take home whitening products are one option. The most effective take home whitening treatments are provided by your local dentist. If you are after an alternate and cheaper option, there are also a variety of over-t... READ MORE


Dental technology: All on 4

Many people look into dental implants for a way to improve their smile, as this technology can be used to replace missing teeth or as an alternative to uncomfortable dentures. If you are looking for the latest form of dental implants in Brisbane, you may wonder: What is All-on-4?All-on-4 e... READ MORE


Why are you experiencing tooth sensitivity?

If you have sensitive teeth, you know how painful the experience can be. Sensitive teeth often trigger pain during routine actions such as brushing, flossing, chewing, and even drinking beverages that are anything but room temperature. Sensitive teeth generally have a cause, however, and pinpointing... READ MORE

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Why participate in Dentisure?

Unfortunately, no matter how hard we work on protecting our teeth, dental emergencies sometimes arise. There's no way to predict accidents, so it's important to have a care plan in place for those occurrences. In fact, we always recommend seeing a dentist right away if you lose, break or crack a too... READ MORE

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What are dental crowns and how can they help your oral health?

Dental crowns are a common fixture in the dental world that are beneficial for the health of many people's mouths. Whether you already have crowns and are interested in maintaining them or are getting crowns put on for the first time, you'll want an understanding of what these devices are and h... READ MORE

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Is IV sedation right for you?

If you're having an intensive dental procedure, minor dental surgery, or maybe you're just extremely anxious, even with the simplest of procedures, you may be a good candidate for intravenous (IV) sedation. IV sedation is a common practice in modern medicine, and involves the use of drugs that suppr... READ MORE

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Google feature may connect users with doctors, but is that a good thing?

The technological age has brought with it many advances that once seemed like the makings of science fiction. It wasn't so long ago that the idea of face-to-face telephone messaging - the makings of Facetime or Skype - were an idea for the distant future. However, the advent of the internet has alre... READ MORE


5 ways DCN dentists have you covered

The Dental Care Network's hand-picked group of experienced dentists provide a variety of services to help make your experience the best it can be. Not only that, they provide care throughout all phases of life and in a variety of circumstances. If you have a family member who feels particularly anxi... READ MORE

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Why should you choose an experienced DCN dentist?

Getting the care you need from an experienced dentist is beneficial to preserving the health of your mouth, teeth and gums. Across the developed world, dental care quality and access has increased dramatically over the last century. Australia is no exception - thanks to medical advances and governme... READ MORE


What is a gummy smile and how can it be treated?

Many people who have 'gummy' smiles find this feature of themselves to be unattractive. According to the Consumer Guide to Dentistry, people with this trait often feel that their upper teeth are too small in relation to how much of their gum shows when they smile. Because the most common look p... READ MORE

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