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What you need to know about Oil Pulling

Oil pulling is an Ayurvedic alternative treatment that has been generating a lot of buzz on the Internet of late. Simply type in the Google search for “oil pulling” and you will get millions of results, many of which are recent postings. The alternative names for this traditional Indian ... Continue reading

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Dental Health Month reminds us of the importance of taking care of our teeth

Far too often, our oral health takes a back seat in our quest for overall wellbeing. It's something many of us take for granted, but when we neglect our oral hygiene, the effects can be serious. The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare estimates that 30 per cent of adults aged 25-44 ha... Continue reading

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4 common problems associated with poor oral hygiene

Oral hygiene impacts our well-being in a number of ways. Even beyond changes in the appearance of our teeth, problems caused by poor oral health can seep into our personal lives, impact our ability to eat properly, and cause long-term problems. Common dental problems can easily be diagnosed by gene... READ MORE

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Smiling your way to a second date

Dating in your young adult years can be exciting time for anyone. Meeting new people, finding that spark and going on fun dates is all part and parcel of the dating experience. Turning your first date into a second date can be tricky, especially if you're not totally satisfied with your dental appe... READ MORE

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